Rebecca June 29th, 2015

Richard - I got to know you a little when we were all together to celebrate Rob and Jess getting married. It was a happy, busy time and I was enormously grateful for the way that you and Barbara so generously welcomed us into your beautiful home for a joining of the two families. I had heard much about you before meeting you - Jess and Rob had told me stories of the wonderful farm that you and Barbara have built together - but nothing prepared me for the sheer big-heartedness of the man that I met. A man with a huge physical presence - but also with a huge intellect and warmth of character. You have a knack of making everyone feel welcome and finding a way to connect with each of us. You regaled me with tales of your work trips "downunder" and we were soon sharing jokes across the dinner table. I know how much Jessica has loved being a part of your family - and I am thankful for all the kindness that you and your family have shown my sister at all times. Thank you for being such a kind and generous soul. Time is so precious and you are always so generous with yours. My thoughts are very much with your family. The loss of so great a man cannot be easy. I cannot imagine the great sadness they must be feeling right now. I am sure that it will be some comfort for them to know how loved and respected you are by everyone that knows you. The world is a better place for you having been here but it is so sad that you have gone too soon xxx