Michael June 28th, 2015

Barbara, I am very sorry for your loss--our loss. Richard was my teacher, mentor and friend. You were our host, when Richard so kindly brought me to your home during business trips to the UK. Richard taught me the skill of data modeling. He was patient with me as I learned to be a consultant. And he taught me to emerge from my student-mind, where I had to always be right and to win every argument. I do my best to carry on Richard's legacy here at Boise State University, as I teach students the skills, and as much of the wisdom as I can pass on. My children, Rachel and Sean, will always remember our visit to Fowlescombe after the death of my wife, Nancy. Thank you so much for teaching my kids about your life, your farm, and the real story behind "Baa baa black sheep." Oh, and for teaching Sean about your own "hundred-acre wood." Mike Lynott (and Rachel and Sean) PS: I'll be making a donation to the US branch of the MDS foundation in Richard's memory