Robert Barker June 18th, 2015

Dad - I love you and miss you dearly. I am glad that you were able to see pictures of your grandson, little Gilbert, before you died. You were always so supportive of family I would have loved you to meet him so much and be part of his family. I know he would have loved you as much as I do. I cannot imagine not being able to pick up the phone for a quick chat. It was so lovely to speak to you each day just before and after Gilbert was born and it was my turn to become a dad. Going down to the farm will never be the same again as I can see what you and mum created and I will always remember with great fondness working with you on all of the architecture. I remember when we were stood on the rickety wooden ladder trying to work out exactly where the point of the plateau should go, when we were holding lights up against the house to work out the lighting plan, and taking so many beautiful photos once it was all complete. Thank you for helping me to build a wonderful house for my family and having the faith in me to do it. I will miss your constant positivity, good honour and terrible jokes. I will miss our drive time talks to and from Totnes. Thank you for helping to make my wedding so beautiful and memorable. Thank you for being a wonderful dad. Your loving son Robert