Bruce and Lois Tow June 27th, 2015

Richard was one of my best friends, and very much cherished by my family. Our association started in 1986, after my then-manager at Oracle, Jeff Walker, met Richard and told me he’d found another person quite like me (OK, he said he found that terrifying, but I’m pretty sure he was joking!). Though we lived on different continents, we managed to find dozens of opportunities to work together. I was consistently impressed with Richard’s intelligence, thoroughness, level-headedness, and deep sense of ethics. We shared a lifelong delight in thinking about and tackling abstract and complex problems, from business challenges to world problems. This shared interest only added depth to what were already strong common interests and friendship. We enjoyed sharing wonderful vacations in England, France, Alaska, and Yosemite that are cherished memories to Lois, our daughter Emily, and me. We shared also a quirky sense of humor, not always appreciated by those around us nearly as much as we appreciated our own humor. We have lost a wonderful friend, but we will remember and be inspired by him the rest of our lives.